Pioneer Wedding Chapel — Events Center For Rent

Every special occasion needs a special place to happen. But outdoor events can lead to chaos if the weather turns and indoor events can often be lackluster without the right venue. But for Queensland residents, never fear! Pioneer Wedding Chapel is your destination for events. Located in the heart of Tingalpa, Pioneer Wedding Chapel wants to make your big day bright and beautiful.

Venue Details

Don’t let the name fool you. Pioneer Wedding Chapel is great for all sorts of events. Built in 1868 by the first settlers of the town, you will get a little taste of history with this venue. Experience the perks of having a location so close to town that if your event needs any extra supplies you can run in and get them. However, the location itself seems secluded from the surrounding urban area with its white picket fence and large yard surrounded by trees. Perfect for outdoor events, Pioneer Wedding Chapel has a sprawling front lawn that can cater to weddings, graduation parties, and other outdoor events. 

The inside of the chapel is a quaint, old church with seating and traditional setup. The chapel itself has the ability to host choirs and bands, and other performing events. The front of the chapel has space for typical weddings and christenings. This location is also perfect for hosting talks, speeches, and other performances, with its access to the shops and cafes in Tingalpa. If you don’t believe us, schedule a visit today.

We offer affordable day-use packages, as well as event packages that will make it easy to host a life-changing wedding, graduation, or reunion. Day use packages include the use of all facilities (including electricity, parking, and public toilets), as well as help setting up and tearing down your big event.


Pioneer Wedding Chapel is located in sunny, quaint Tingalpa, Queensland. Tingalpa is a historic little Suburb of Brisbane, making it perfect for a quiet weekend event and getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy Brisbane. We promise that you will fall in love with our space.

Next time you plan on visiting Tingalpa, make sure to schedule a visit. We are located at 1341 Wynnum Rd in Tingalpa. We request that all potential visitors give us a call. You can find all of our details at our contact page. Tours and consultations are available. We hope to help you host a big, beautiful event at this gorgeous historical site.