I had so much fun because of the wedding band!

I arrived at my reception and was delighted to see that my decorations had been placed perfectly, and the band was ready to go. It was a rock band, and they had agreed to play a wide range of music genres to fit my every want. I gave them the go ahead to emcee the event, and the lead singer was perfect. He had all the of the guests attentively listening to our toasts, and they all stopped for the cake cutting and the first dance. It couldn’t have been better, and my friends still congratulate me on my band choice.

How to hire the perfect wedding band

Hiring the best wedding bands does not have to be difficult, but it does involve clear communication. If you aren’t using a wedding planner, make sure that you focus on communicating your exact wants. A reputable band will honor your requests. Some things to consider are:

  • Do you want them to emcee? This likely depends on the style of your event and the ability of the band. If they aren’t going to emcee, then you should request the use of their microphone when needed.
  • What type of music do you want to hear? Some brides want to hear their favorite music, but guests should be a consideration. Some music is offensive to certain guests, and some is not appropriate for children and should be played later.
  • How big is your venue? Bands may be too large for certain venues. In fact, some venues have strict rules about bands. Make sure you know if your band fits the space.
  • What should they play during breaks? Band members need breaks, so make sure they have a setup for music to be played during this time.
  • Is everything in the contract?┬áHiring a band without a contract is a huge risk. They may not even show up. A contract ensures that the band will show, and they will comply with your requests.

It’s okay to hire a friend with a band, but make sure they are dependable and professional. Hiring a reputable band with wedding experience is a much safer road in which to travel. They will show up and play the right music. They will have your guests dancing when they should be dancing and listening during special moments. A good wedding band controls the stage, and they will make your wedding reception memories last a lifetime.